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Travel to Baishuiyang Park for Haian out standing stuff
At the end of May 2016,Haian enterprise organized the excellent staff to travel to Ningde BaishuiYang Park! BaishuiYang Park, located in Pingnan, Ningde, Fujian Province , is the national AAAAA-class tourist attractions. Bai Shuiyang scenic area is one of the eight tourism brands in Fujian Province, because of its strange geomorphic phenomenon and known as "the wonder of the world, the mystery of the universe". Vice Premier Wu Yi wrote the "strange landscape" after having a good time here.
Providing opportunities for excellent staff like traveling is a long-term welfare program for the company, and the company will continue to improve the welfare mechanism in the process of strengthening the reform.
2016 annual recognition of the outstanding staff temporarily put down the work in hands, here, we are not just colleagues, but more like brothers and sisters, play with each other and the establishment of a deeper friendship. In a full three days of the run, everyone having an unforgetable time, I hope you make persistent efforts to fight the next time to go more fun place.
The following is some happy moments of our outstanding stuff during the tour:
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